Freeform Friday: A Throuple

A Throuple by Belinda Roddie Bring me two lovely ladies in an alternate universe, and I shall lay betwixt their bosoms with warmth radiating between my lips. One shall be queen, the other a star, and I am merely the supernova waiting to appear in your future. But in this universe, I am perfectly content to be monogamous with a woman who is the entire cosmos. Why shirk off the entire universe when you can kiss it any time of day?

Today's Ten Word Tale: Unsafe Website?

Unsafe Website? by Belinda Roddie By posting this blog entry, I'm living on the edge.

Tonight's Poet Corner: Sonnet Solstice #505

For Four Years by Belinda Roddie For four years, I carelessly entertained the man who would become my abuser. Sure, we were not romantic, but the pain still reverberated. I remember the words he branded on me from a screen (though now I plan to get them tattooed on my body somewhere). I recall the sheen of tears each time he spiraled, deep and long, into his own psychosis, dragging me down into the pit with him. Still, I cared for him, showed compassion. But he nearly sucked me dry, like Nosferatu - he scared me, terrorized me, 'til I at least dealt my final card and said, "Go fuck yourself."

Today's Ten Word Tale: It Is Displeased

It Is Displeased by Belinda Roddie I shoot another arrow at the crescent moon. I miss.

Tonight's Poet Corner: I Win

I Win by Belinda Roddie Let's play a game where I pretend that this little fling of ours doesn't end

Today's Ten Word Tale: What The Fuck, Dad

What The Fuck, Dad by Belinda Roddie Father left us only one book. Its pages were blank.